Oxychain is an on-chain solution to create interoperability between the carbon markets and the digital world with software infrastructure for on-chain compensation. Oxy Labs, the company behind it, aims to bring transformative solutions to the conventional Carbon Markets with a focus on capillarity, accessibility, and interoperability.
Oxychain® is creating tools (APIs) to help in the neutralization of whole networks, supply-Chains, production-Lines, and communities. Their strategy relies on the spread effect of the crypto DeFi ecosystem to create a universal value unit for biodiversity. By creating a liquidity pool out of pre-existing Verified Carbon Units (VCU), these credits represent CO2 until they are offset when they transfer their value to a much healthier layer and start their journey on the Oxychain®. Each new token (OXY) represents a ton** of oxygen instead of carbon, which means as a massive number of regeneration & preservation projects flourish from this ecosystem, a whole community of local workforce is dedicated to our lands, water supplies, soil recovery, forests and much more.
Oxychain® believes that anyone who cares for our environment can contribute by investing in this ecosystem that has many benefits such as soil-recovery, local community development, GHG emissions reduction, sustainable agriculture and watershed, land preservation, reforestation, air quality, ocean life, etc.
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